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To become a Paramedic you must complete a Bachelor of Paramedicine. This course is 3 years long and is offered at Victoria University, Australian Catholic University and La Trobe University.

To work as a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria, you must be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, be an Australian Permanent Resident or hold a full unrestricted work visa. You must also hold a full Victorian driver’s licence or have held a probationary licence at P2 for at least one year.

The type of careers this qualification leads to may include paramedic within an Australian ambulance service and some international ambulance/health organisations. It may include ALS paramedic, MICA paramedic, ambulance community officer, clinical instructor, clinical manager, extended care paramedic, flight paramedic, industrial paramedic, medical technology sales and development, military combat paramedic, specialist health technician.

Victoria University offers subject bonuses in Biology, Chemistry, HHD, any Mathematics and Physics. Any of these subjects may contribute to the ATAR.

Australian Catholic University offers a straight Paramedicine course at Melbourne and the Nursing/Paramedicine course at ACU Ballarat. Subject bonuses are offered in Biology, Chemistry, HHD, Physics, Psychology, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths.

La Trobe University requires a student to have received a study score of at least 20 in any 2 of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, HHD, any Mathematics, PE, Physics or Psychology.

Each course requires a minimum study score in any English.

On finishing the paramedicine degree, you must complete a Graduate Program year. Last financial year, Ambulance Victoria welcomed 281 new paramedics into the career. If you are not successful in securing work with Ambulance Victoria, you may have the opportunity to work overseas (particularly London) or take up work within the patient transport sector.

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