2017 Prefects

We have completed an exhaustive process that has resulted in the following students being named College or House Prefects for 2017.

This year we decided that not all students would receive an interview and that each interview would be longer and in more depth.

The quality of the College Prefect applications were outstanding and it was a difficult process. The various panels read all the applications and then drew up a short list. Then we met as a group to discuss each applicant in depth. Those who were granted an interview were notified and the interviews followed.

The panels then met to discuss the final list. All students who received an interview were notified by email at the same time, stating if they were successful or not. We have offered feedback sessions, which I have undertaken, for those students who chose to have them and some have met with me.

It was a very good process and the students I have spoken to have enjoyed the application as it has made them think of their faith, achievements and ideas for making our College better.

I congratulate the students below on their appointment and look forward to them leading the College next year.

Graeme Dent, Head of Senior School

College Prefects: Brydon Barnett, Cameron Chandler, Cathy De Rosso, Riley Doran, Brielle Egberts, Georgia Gordon, Montana Jones, Tess Kirsopp-Cole


 Burrows House Prefects: Cian Foster, Merryn Hall, James Hurren, Nicole Mayes


Flynn House Prefects: Christopher Lever, Millie Lowe, Thomas McVIlly, Casey Reid


Penman House Prefects: Mia Godwill, Ronen Jafari, Sarah McGrath, Alister (AJ) Wight


Taylor House Prefects: Lachlan Gawley-Price, Michael Little, Jackson Nelson, Annie Simpson



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