Mr McKeeman visits Yr. 1 & 2

Last Thursday we had Mr McKeeman come and talk to the Year One and Two students about our Integrated studies topic ‘Our Local Community’. The students did some class preparation for his visit. The students looked at photographs of the foundation years at the Bellarine campus. There were photos of the buildings and grounds as well as the foundation students and teachers. This caused a great discussion about the similarities and differences with what they know today.

The students used a variety of learning muscles during this process. Noticing details, imagining what it would have been like and making links to how things are today. It also caused them to ask a lot of questions. Where did the fountain go? When did the barn appear? Who were the Houses named after? These are just some of the many questions generated by the students. Each class formulated a list of questions to take to the auditorium to ask Mr McKeeman.

Once we were in the auditorium we viewed a slide show that had more interesting photos from the past and we were able to ask our questions. Mr McKeeman gave us a great insight into the history of our school community and inspired us with his thoughts on how god had a hand in creating the very place where we live and learn each day.

Mrs. Sam Bett
Classroom Teacher


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