Orientation Day - Tuesday November 1st

Dear Parents,

A reminder that our Orientation Day for current students attending Christian College Middle School in Years 5 to Year 9 has been arranged for Tuesday, 1st November 2016. Students not returning to Christian College in 2017 are not required to attend on this day.

Students in Years 5 to Year 7 in 2017 are to attend this day in casual clothing to allow new students to fit in with existing students. Students should also bring or wear a pair of runners and a hat, as some outdoor activities have been planned.

Students going into Year 8 (current Year 7) and Year 9 (current Year 8) are to wear full Sports uniform for Orientation Day. Current Year 9 students will participate in Orientation Day at the Senior Campus on this day in preparation for Year 10 in 2017.

Classes and staffing for the day have been arranged based on current enrolment numbers and are subject to change.

Students are asked to meet in the following areas:

• All Year 5 (2017) students to meet in the Chapel.

• All Year 6 (2017) students to meet in S6.

• All Year 7 (2017)students to meet in the Sports and Aquatic Centre.

• All Year 8 (2017) students to meet outside the Year 8 Classrooms.

• All Year 9 (2017) students to meet outside the Year 9 Classrooms.

We hope this day will be an enjoyable experience for all of our students preparing for the 2017 College year.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. Tony Costa 

Head of Campus


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