Middle School Science

Students in Science classes at Bellarine Middle School have been focusing on investigating different concepts, depending on their year level.

Year 5 students are honing their  forensic skills as they identify different properties of white powders. A highlight has been viewing the powders under a stereo microscope and being wowed by the 3D image.

Year 6 are about to embark on an investigation into the thermal effectiveness of different materials.

Year 7 just finished measuring the force of friction in different surgace and ramp scenarios. One group even brought in their penny board.

Year 8 recently set up apparatus to test the effect of potential energy on kinetic energy. Some groups even compared the effect of a marble rolling through tomato sauce and baby oil! And the

Year 9 students have enjoyed making links between their research into Global Warming last term, to investigating the factors that affect the reaction rate of acid rain on limestone.

All in all it has been a very busy and hands-on start to Science this term. It is great to see the students so engaged in their learning, and particularly starting to see that Science is so relavent in their everyday lives.

Deb Singleton
Middle School Science Coordinator, Bellarine Campus


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