Year 2 Japanese

The Year 2 students at Junior School look forward to Term 4 as our topic for study is Japanese food. We are very fortunate at CCG to have a number of Japanese parents and assistants who are also excellent sushi chefs. Led by Masaki Tanis, they taught the Year 2 students all about sushi, how to make it and how best to eat it. Most of the students had tasted sushi before but had never made it. They were surprised at how delicious their own sushi was and really enjoyed the ‘hands on’ approach to learning.

Whilst half the class made sushi, the other half had a taste test of a variety of green tea (Ocha) and seaweed flavoured (Nori) food. This included ice cream, tea, powder and biscuits. Some were reluctant at first but were very brave and tried the new and unusual delicacies! Most children discovered that they did like the new and interesting flavours but wasabi proved to be a bit too spicy for some.

Food is a great way to introduce new cultures to children so I would encourage all CCG families to have a try at making sushi at home or going to a Japanese restaurant with their children.

Chaney Sensei.

The children wrote about their experiences with Japanese foods and these are a few writing samples:

  • “Ocha tea was planty and disgusting!” Eliza
  • “Macha (green tea powder) was bitter, unexpected and strong.” William
  • “I loved to roll the sushi.” Mikayla
  • “I was really excited to eat the sushi. Also it was difficult to make and I had to have help three times!” Tex
  • “Making sushi was a little bit hard but we had helpers.” Rani
  • “Ocha ice cream is sweet but I don’t like it.” Cameron A
  • “I think I made a good choice with my tuna and lettuce.” Sharnyse
  • “I made the best sushi. I ate both of them straight away.” Jordan
  • “Nori sakata were crunchy and sticky.” Tadhg
  • “Sushi making was fun because it was difficult.” Billi


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