Message from the Chaplain

Boy-Girl Friendships

Even if dating is years off, it's never too early to teach our children how to communicate and interact with members of the opposite sex in a healthy manner.
One way to encourage healthy interactions is to provide opportunities for our children to develop friendships with members of the opposite sex.As parents we can help our kids cultivate healthy attitudes by paying close attention to how we talk about relationships with the opposite sex.

Boy-girl relationships should neither be put on an altar nor talked about negatively. Sheila Wray Gregoire, Christian author and parenting expert, says that negative talk about dating and sex can lead kids to decide “boys are yucky” or “girls are scary,” causing them to end up with a negative perception of members of the opposite sex. Instead, as parents we should try to maintain a positive attitude as we help our kids find ways to experience healthy platonic relationships.

It has often been said that children learn what they live. Modeling love and respect within our families is where healthy relationships — including those with the opposite sex — start. Show affection to your spouse and your kids, and don’t stop being affectionate with your children as they age. Hug them, wrestle with them, lean against each other while you watch a movie.Kids who aren't receiving healthy physical affection from family members may be more likely to seek out physical attention elsewhere.

These are just a couple of hints that i hope will help us all in encouraging our children to grow up into well balanced and healthy adults.

If you feel the need to talk to somebody about a personal issue or concern then please contact myself at the Bellarine Campus and i will consider it a privilege to spend some time with you.

Gary Crole,
Chaplain, Christian College Bellarine Campus


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