Year 8 Camp at Scotsburn

Last week the Year 8s enjoyed an action packed ‘Survivor’ camp, rising to many challenges and taking themselves out of their comfort zones.

We began with an Orientation to the Farm Campus, gaining a small insight into what life will be like for the students next year during their Rural studies. Students enjoyed meeting Farm staff and getting to sample some typical Farm activities.  Leaving the Farm behind, we moved over to the paddock we would call home for the next few days. Soon students were busy working together in their tribes, building their shelters and making a camp fire, in order to start cooking their evening meal. Many tribes took a while to cook their baked potatoes, yet success was shared by all once the meal was cooked and each tribe enjoyed a time of fellowship.

The tribe became an important aspect of the camp, with a clear need for students to work together to ensure the tribe functioned in the best possible way. Tribes battled through many initiatives, culminating in the Amazing Race on the last day.

A particular highlight was the barn dance, in which Cowboy Kev took us through a whirlwind of dances and music, with all students revelling in the spirit of the night.  A great camp was experienced by all, with all of our Year 8s showing growth in character.

Nicola Morrish
Year 7 & 8 Coordinator


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