Year 10 Social

The annual Year 10 Social had the theme of “Heroes and Villains” and it was a tremendous evening. The Pier again hosted us, and our Director of English, Mr Damian Stephenson, provided the music via his DJ skills. The music was loud and got everyone dancing. There were many colourful outfits and prizes were given for the best costumes. There was Snoop Dog, six versions of Richie Benaud as well as superheros and villains of every type. The one that I felt was clever was Hilary Clinton and a Donald Trump complete with voting signs. It is up to you to say if they were heroes or villains!

I wish to thank sincerely Ms Celeste Pryke and Mr Paul Breguet for their organisation. The students danced away until 10.30pm and left having spent a great time with their friends.

It is important to mention that Ms Celeste Pryke is stepping down as our Year 10 Co-ordinator. She has spent several years as a hard working co-coordinator who served all her students well. The care and attention Celeste gives is a model for us all.

Ms Kim Doherty will be taking over this role and is very keen to support the students in the way they always have been.

Mr Graeme Dent, Head of Senior School


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