Pop up Cafe - a BIG hit!

Our Middle School Highton Pop up Cafe' was a huge success yesterday!! We were blessed with a beautiful day, great entertainment and delicious food - all prepared, created and sold by our Year 9 students!

Well done also to our Year 8 students who helped with the soft furnishings and graphics used on the day. Great job team!!


Genuine learning experiences such as this are so valuable for our students, providing an opportunity for a real audience, an end product, whilst adding to the ‘community’ connectedness amongst our students and staff. Well done to all students involved!


Throughout this term, students of Year 9 Food Technology, Year 9 Product Design, Year 9 Music, Year 8 Visual Communication Design and Year 8 Textiles classes have been working to come up with ideas for a healthy food van, from which Year 9 students of Middle School are able to purchase different food options.   

The year 9 Food technology students designed and produced Healthy ‘Snack’ options for sale,  with snack menu items costing between $2 to $5. The food technology students have undertaken a study in the design of healthy eating options, food preparation and what is required to prepare for a café type environment.  

 Assisting the Food technology students, other elective classes from across the campus have also been working behind the scenes to bring this Pop up Café together.  

The Year 9 Product design students produced the seating. 

The Year 8 Textiles students produced the soft furnishings and buntings for the display. 

Our Year 8 VCD students produced the Marketing, Packaging and layout design components.

 And on the day our Year 9 Music students provided some wonderful entertainment!!


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