Bellarine Campus 2017 Student Leadership

I have heard it said that 'you do the job before you get the title'. We are blessed to have so many students who lead others amongst our college community through how they conduct themselves, that chosing the leaders who are recognised with the title of prefect and house leadership again has proven to be difficult and requiring a rigerous and thorough process.

Over the last 3 weeks the formal process of 2017 leadership selection has taken place for our current year 8 students. It has been an absolute pleasure to witness such a large group of students with a desire to serve their college community in this way. To begin the process students presented a short speech to the year 7 students and their year 8 peers, outlining their desire for leadership, what they believe good leadership to be and why they would be suitable candidates for the roles.

It was so encouraging to hear the leaders of tomorrow articulate such a clear understanding of what leadership should look like. Students listening submitted votes based on what was presented to them. Year 8 students then participated in their camp at the Skeltons camp site where tribe team work was paramount. This provided a great environment where the prospective leaders could display what they presented in their speeches in practice. All staff on camp observed whether these opportunities were taken and by whom, then reported on students at the end of camp.

Short interviews were then conducted with shortlisted applicants, following the camp. This knowledge of students, including the information gleaned from the recent leadership process, has contributed towards making the decisions around leadership recognition.

We are confident that the student leadership group chosen, will continue to build upon our current leadership group's work, in 2017. To those students who will inevitably be disapointed to have missed out on these roles, we look forward to you developing in leadership, as you practice living out the values you presented to us throughout this process.

Thank you to all of the leadership applicants for your desire to serve your Christian College Community.

Mr Earl Moore
Deputy Head
Bellarine Campus Middle School


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