BORIS - Building Ongoing Relationships In Schools

The Christian College Senior VCAL students held a soft-launch of the ‘BORIS’ bus at Tate Street Primary School last Wednesday 16th November.

This launch was an exciting event as so much work had gone into the refurbishment of the old school bus that will bring so much joy to many students in the Geelong region.

The Boris bus has been the focal point for VCAL students’ projects this year, centered around the renovation of an old, decommissioned Christian College school bus into a community bus. The VCAL students have interacted with Tate Street Primary kids throughout the year to help with ideas for the project. 

During the launch afternoon, the VCAL students worked with the Tate Street students and ran different activity rotations. These included goal kicking with Corey Enright, giant Jenga, dodge ball and reading on the new bus. Corey Enright, the original Boris, attended the launch to support this great initiative.

The main purpose of this bus was to provide a mobile hub for primary-aged students to interact with Christian College students as mentors. Some of the relationship building activity ideas include sports, help with reading and homework, indoor and outdoor games, learning simple food preparation skills, listening to music, and many more.

The bus name ‘BORIS’ stands for ‘Building Ongoing Relationships In Schools’. This initiative is just one of many ways in which Christian College students serve the community. These real-life, authentic experiences create meaningful learning opportunities and allow the students to see how their skills can positively impact the Geelong region.

The students from Tate Street Primary were so excited to see the colourful bus arrive, they ran beside it and cheered as it entered the school. This was a proud moment for everyone who has been involved in this project.



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