Giving back to others

Living the values of God’s love and giving to those in need is an important part of the life experiences of students at our College. A perfect example of giving to others has been demonstrated by Asha Rowse, a Year 10 student who has dedicated time on a weekly basis over the past 4 months to helping one lucky child learn to read.

Asha, through the Smith Family Student2Student program, has phoned a ‘buddy’ 3 times a week to read to them in order to help in their language development. This child, who migrated to Australia in recent years, initially had language difficulties as English was his second language. Through spending 20 minutes, 3 times a week with Asha on the phone helping him read, this boy has been able to improve his reading substantially.

When asked why she dedicated this time to reading to someone she had never met, Asha said “being adopted myself, I realise how important these opportunities are to be able to learn to read and write when English is not your first language. Being able to help someone else who was in the same situation as me was really cool”. Asha also said that being able to give back to others in difficult situations was an important part of her life and she has enjoyed seeing the improvements her buddy has made with his literacy.

Asha’s participation in this program was part of a 2016 College Prefect initiative to trial this program at Christian College. Several students from Year 9 in the Middle School have also participated in this program. 

I congratulate Asha on her attitude of giving and showing how we can all help others in need. If you or any of your family are interested in being a part of this program, head to the Smith Family website for more details:

Mr Paul Breguet



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