Year 1 Rainy Day Creations

The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play, so we sat in the class all that cold, cold wet day. Last Monday it was too wet to play outside at lunch time, however, little sitting took place. There was a buzz around the room as 1S students let their creativity soar.

Some students experimented with marble track creations. Some students used erasers on the white board to guide the marbles and adjusted the track so the marbles would bounce into the container. Other students used chairs, containers and paper to create a marble run to see how far their marble could go.

Others’ creativity flowed in creations of the paper and drawing kind. Some students drew dragons and created scenery while some drew penguins in the snow! It was delightful to watch the students interact and engage with each other as the problem solved and enjoyed each other’s company.

Katie Oelke
Year Prep -Yr. 2 Coordinator


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