Years 3 & 4 Writers' Workshop

A group of students from Years 3 & 4 have been getting together for a short time each week to think about, talk about and practise writing. Recently, we have been looking at the ancient Japanese style of poetry - Haiku and Tanka - and have had a go at applying our knowledge of using more 'effective' nouns, verbs and adjectives to the prescriptive formula (syllable count for each line is 5-7-5-7-7-5-7-5) of these poems. The children should all be very proud of their work; please see below to view a few samples of their writing:

In the dark garden

Mystery, Darkness, Question

No light can be seen


Is impossible to hear

Animals go everywhere


Stars come and go there

Cold, Dark, Rainy, Watery

Life is everywhere

Francesca Sollberger 3G


Right down in the caves

Crystals, Rocks, Shadows, Wonder

The amazing jewels


It is easy to get lost

There is no way to be found


Living down below

Quiet, Lonely, Fearful, Tired

Beauty into fear

Lucy McKeegan 3R


Deep in the forest

Plants, Rivers, Creatures, Beauty

A hidden Kingdom


The fox is stalking its prey

Inching closer, time to pounce


A flash of red fur

Fast, Nimble, Loud, So Close!

Better luck next time

Veronica Handley 4B


Dark, deep is the name

For its depths are unknown

Under the surface


Some things are better unknown

Yet we persist and persist


A grave of midnight

Never ending darkness now

Mystery ocean

Brianna Gibson 4B


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