Lily's gift

Year 11 Global Politics (Our World - East Timor) - a gift from students to students

On Friday the 4th of November, Lily Di Sciascio shaved off her hair to raise money to help sponsor a student from Timor-Leste to attend University. 

After spending time in Timor-Leste teaching English at Christian College's sister schools in Viqueque, she saw the challenges faced by her new friends in Timor. She believes that education is key to this positive change. 

Through donations to her GoFundMe page, Lily raised $2,845, more than her goal of $2,500, by 69 people in 23 days.

Lily’s motivation was to help give someone the opportunity of higher education, and aid in helping the people of Timor to help themselves. 

As well as this, Lily was conscious of contributing to Christian College’s ongoing 14 year relationship and legacy in Timor.

In addition to the fundraising page, Lily’s class mates from the Year 11 Our World class initiated, planned and implemented a great celebration around the actual head shave. Timorese handcrafts, pork sliders and home-made cakes, slices and biscuits were sold to make a grand total of over $4500. This sensational effort was achieved by a remarkable group of young adults who wanted to positively influence their peers in Viqueque. They will be adding not just one, but two names, to the list of 12 students who have already been sponsored by Christian College to go through University. The precious power of this act is the fact that it is from students for students. Nobody could deny the strong bond felt between the two communities of students in Viqueque and Christian College.

Here is a short video that Lily made shortly before her hair was shaved. Her contribution has been publicised in Viqueque and the community is thrilled.



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