Year 6 Market Day - Coming Soon

Term 4 is always an exciting time for the Year 6 students. Market Day is highly anticipated and always a highlight of the year. The students in Year 6 have spent the last few weeks planning and organising their products, games and stalls for Market Day which will be held on 1st December at the Bellarine Campus. This unit is an exciting example of how our curriculum at Christian College Bellarine is providing rich, real learning for our students. As part of the Market Day Unit the students have discussed ideas, thought about the needs and wants of their target audience and have planned, in its entirety, their stall.

This learning has encompassed all areas of our curriculum. Economics, designing advertisements, both poster and digital. Conducting market research and drawing conclusions from this data. Profit margins, predictions of cost versus intake from sales. Value of their products, games and prizes. Product design and innovation, as well as stall design and displays. It has been a wonderful experience to observe the students as they translate this learning into such a real life scenario. On the 1st of December their work and effort will be put to the test with an authentic audience, the students from our campus will be able to experience Market Day as our next Project Care Day. Purchasing games, crafts and stationary as well as playing any of the games that have been set up. There are stalls to test the skills of the students, they can watch virtual reality movies and win any number of raffles.

As well as the rich learning this unit provides, it also helps highlight our need to support those in the community who are in need. All of the money raised on this day through the sales from the stalls will be donated to the Drysdale Community Food Bank. A local charity that supports families in the community who are less fortunate than us.

The Year 6 students will accompany the class teachers to purchase food from a local supermarket that will in turn be collected by a representative from the Drysdale Food Bank. This gives the students the unique opportunity to see the full cycle of their work. From the first planning of their products and stall, to the handing over of the food that was purchased with the proceeds. This opportunity for our students to see the impact of what they have been able to provide for our community is invaluable.

Please be sure to mark this day in your calendar, it will be our next Project Care Day. All students will be allowed to wear casual dress and bring some money to be involved in the day. It’s going to be a wonderful day.

Mrs Claire Deretic
Year 6 Classroom Teacher.


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