Booklist Information re Purchasing of Second Hand eBooks

Dear Parent,

Information regarding the purchase of second hand eBooks

The rules around the purchasing of eBooks second hand differs between publishers. The information below has been compiled in order to assist parents when purchasing second hand eBooks however is offered as a guide only.

Christian College has included eBooks from the following publishers in their 2017 Booklists.

  • Cambridge

Digital access can be renewed three times without charge. An exception is the senior maths texts that have a 12-month subscription that can be renewed twice via a phone call to Cambridge with a $19.95 charge.

Tel: 1800 005 210

  • Jacaranda

Digital code is inside the front cover of the book. This code may be used three times without additional cost. Register your book using the web address and code in the front of the book. If the eBook has already been registered 3 times you will have access to the Light Digital version but not have access to the additional online options. If an upgrade is available, you will be given the option to buy an upgrade. This is usually 30% of the cost of a new copy.

Tel:   1800 777 474

  • Macmillan


Digital code inside the front cover of the print copy can be used once each year.
       First try to activate the code via
       If you are unsuccessful, then you will need to contact Macmillan directly.
       There should be no charge.

Tel: 1300 764 276

Or email:  This option has the highest success rate.

  • Nelson (Cengage)

Most texts come with 4 digital codes in the back of the book. They are hidden under a scratch able covering. If they have been uncovered, then they may have been used. Some titles have codes that can be purchased via a phone call. Costs vary.

        Tel: 1300 790 853

  • Oxford

Psychology VCE Units 1&2 and 3&4 are the only subject to list an eBook from Oxford. The third edition has a digital code that regenerates each year for life.
        Tel:  1300 650 616

  • Pearson

Reactivate the Pearson eBook code at Pearson Reactivation information (click on this link when online). There may be a charge of $15 for reactivation. Call customer support if you need further assistance.

Tel: 1800 656 685





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