Year 10 Final Service

Tuesday 22 November saw a number of special events for the Year 10 students. First, students completed their Maths exam, which was the conclusion of their Year 10 studies and exams. Mr Paul Breguet and I were very pleased with the mature way students approached their exams. Then the students led a moving Service that gave them the opportunity to reflect on their first year at Senior School.

Hannah Wood began the Service by praying for her peers and giving thanks for the opportunities they had experienced at Senior School. For our musical items Katie Loxston, Megan Heathcote and Mackenzie Goodson sang a beautiful acapella version of the school hymn, Nicholas Hinks played guitar and sang 'Free Falling' and also accompanied Mackenzie Goodson as she sang Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love'. Cameron Ritchie shared his perspective of 2016 and offered us plenty of laughs with his enthusiasm and character. Isabelle MacAdie and Tanayah Blackhall prepared a speech exploring our theme of 'Hospitality', encouraging their peers to share a positive attitude and always consider others. Chris Kerry compiled a montage of photos of Year 10 events, which brought back many memories. We were also privileged to hear from Mrs Dianne Martin (Deputy Head of Campus), Mr Graeme Dent (Head of Campus) and Mr Paul Breguet (Year 10 Coordinator).

I had the opportunity to speak at my final Year 10 Service as I step down from the role of Year 10 Coordinator. It was an emotional speech to deliver, as I could not be prouder of the students who have been under my care this year. I offered the students a piece of advice I hope they carry with them throughout their lives.
'Be kind whenever possible. And it is always possible' Dalai Lama

Celeste Pryke, Year 10 Coordinator


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