Taste of India - Offspring awareness campaign

Following the Year 10 Service, students and staff participated in our first 'Taste of India' event. The event was an initiative of the Year 10 Geography - Human Wellbeing classes, who have been studying wellbeing issues in India during Term 4. The main aim of the event was to raise awareness of Offspring, a NGO based in Kolkata that restores the lives of women who have been trafficked in India. It also had the added benefit of being an exclusively Year 10 event and was a fantastic way for the students to celebrate with their teachers.

Students prepared House Group devotions and spoke at assemblies to share the Offspring mission with their peers and teachers. Letters were written to Indian restaurants and lunch orders compiled so we could serve an Indian banquet. The Flynn Quad was decorated in yellow, orange and pink and the values of Offspring were on display. Deccan Indian Kitchen in Waurn Ponds kindly provided curries, rice and naan bread at a reduced price, which allowed us to raise some funds for Offspring. The food was amazing, but the best part of the event happened after lunch: the Staff vs Students cricket match! Fortunately the pride of the teachers is intact, as Mr Daniel Fanning led the teachers to victory. Sam Puckett's student team played very well and were only beaten by a few runs and Ethan Reeves has established himself as a top class commentator.

Ms Kim Doherty and I are incredibly proud of the work of our classes and we wish to thank all the students from our classes for their efforts in supporting Offpsring; Joshua Clark-Cooper, Angus Cormick, Jude Cudmore, Toby Edwards, Taylah Freeman, Ellison Guss, Gaby Herbert, Phoebe Howard, James McKeown, Chloe O'Riley, Sam Puckett, Ethan Reeves, Ruby Schaap, Germain Spriet, Grace-Ann Tripodi, Michelle Angus, Lewis Bartle, Tanayah Blackhall, Joshua Boreland, George Burrows, Goergia Cambria, Grant D'Altera, James Dat, Eve Gower, Josh Hartshorne, Bailey Hunter, Isabelle MacAdie, Guy Marcucci, Jessie Morrow, Nathan Pearson, Alicia Purcell, Zach Schwarz, Jamie Stevenson, Lachlan Vivian, Emily Watson.

Miss Celeste Pryke, Year 10 Geography teacher


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