Outdoor Learning Environment Exhibition

Yesterday Year One held a Garden Design Exhibition as part of a Genius Hour and Integrated Studies investigative unit of work. The students were given a design brief and worked in collaborative teams to redesign the current vegetable garden area to create an outdoor learning environment that would cater for the needs of a diverse range of learners. They conducted surveys of students, analysed data, researched and attended guest speaker presentations to assist them in their planning. Using this portfolio of information, they designed and constructed 3D models of their proposal. As part of our Genius Hour shared agreement students are asked to share their new understandings with others and they decided to invite our College leadership. Many of these special guests were able to attend and speak with the students about their learning journey. Many other classes attended and were able to ask questions and offer feedback to Year One which is a very important stage for reflective learning. This was a very successful event and the students should be congratulated on their efforts.



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