2017 Booklist Reminder

A friendly reminder that 2017 Booklist information, including how to access New and Second hand books can be found on the Parent Portal. Also added below for your reference.

We have received valuable positive feedback from both new and existing families as to the ease of the online second hand book sales. However, suggesting that currently the demand for second hand books seems to be outweighing the supply. Therefore if you are planning on listing some of your 2016 texts for sale, you might like to strike whilst the iron is hot! Likewise, securing any second hand orders for 2017 and placing your new booklist order prior to December 4, will ensure you receive your books on time, without a  delivery fee.


Please find further information regarding the booklists attached here.

 Our Book Sale Agent for New Books:

Our Second hand book Sale Service (subscription provided for you by the school):


File downloads:
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