Year 9 Marine Studies - Tour of the Bay

On Monday, the year 9 Marine Studies students concluded their semester with a boat tour of the bay. For the first time, the students participated in the Great Victorian Fish Count. This required working in pairs to identify specific species at Pope’s eye (a man made rocky outcrop turned Marine National Park in 1979), recording the number on a plate and then submitting this informtaion to a state wide data base run by Parks Victoria. This data will also be kept with school and used to compare with future Marine Studies classes each semester. Following the Fish Count, students tried out their underwater acrobatic skills with around 40 Australian Fur Seals mimicking their moves.

As the boat named Maureen M made its way back towards the harbour, the group stumbled across a large local pod of Burrunun Dolphins ever so eager for a play under the bow of the boat. The students had a fantastic day, exploring the amazing biodiversity and wonders of their backyard - Port Phillip Bay.

Fiona Scott
Marine Studies Teacher


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