Reminder - Presentation Evening - Thursday, 8th December at 7:00pm

All students involved in the formal part of Presentation Evening will need to wear full summer uniform. In previous years Junior School boys have been required to wear full winter uniform, however this year will need to wear full summer uniform. They are asked to have their knee high socks pulled up and clean polished shoes. Girls will be required to wear full summer uniform as in previous years with College white socks and clean polished shoes. Students to wear full summer uniform include Year 4 Graduands, Strings, Choir and Award winners. These students will need to bring costume requirements with them on the night.  

All other students are able to wear their costumes to Costa Hall on Presentation Evening.

Please see below for the particular costume details for your child's year level. Please note Year 4 students are not required to bring any costume items.  All Year 4 students will come to Presentation Evening in their full summer school uniform.


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