An 'Our World - Central Australia' thankyou

Dear Tim, Carly and Margo,

Before going on the trip to Central Australia, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the community. I had no idea what it would look like, or what the people up there would be like. I thought that it would be just one main road with a couple of houses and a school. I was surprised by how big the town was and the number of people living there.  I wasn’t sure exactly what our job would be up at the school, but I was really excited to go.

While I was on the community, I learnt just how important education is to the students in the community, and how completing their schooling can help shape their future. I also learnt how a close, tight-knit community can help keep children out of trouble and stop them from becoming involved in the wrong things, such as drugs and alcohol.

I found that the older women in the community were very happy to show us how to do things such as look for bush tucker and cooking kangaroo tail. It was amazing how happy they were to share their culture with us.

Something that I was surprised by was how much the school attendance increased when we arrived. On the first day we got there, there were only eight students, but over the next couple of days there were numbers like 17 and 18 students. It was really great to be able to spend a lot of time with the kids, who were all amazing and funny people.

I feel like the trip has changed the way I think about what I have, I appreciate my education a lot more and found that I am working a lot harder in class because I see how little the kids at the community have but how they still take hold of their education and enjoy seeing us so much. One day I hope to be able to come and visit the community again.

Thanks for having us,



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