Year 5 Action In the Community

Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to have many conversations with parents who are employed in various professional fields at local, national and international organisations.  These parents have something in common; they talk about their workplaces and the type of people that they work alongside or employ.  Effective people demonstrate skills and strength in areas such as collaboration, perseverance, and empathy and listening.  These are a few of many of the skills delivered through the Building Learning Power framework used at Christian College.

The Year 5 teachers could not have been more proud of the work the students completed for the Action in the Community Exhibition on Thursday afternoon. Year 5 students had spent many weeks researching a topic or an issue with the aim to raise awareness and to make a positive impact.

All students had an opportunity to present their learning journeys by displaying their research findings, reflections, struggles and successes during this Exhibition of Learning. Their displays showcased many creative props and visible thinking that engaged the audience.  Students spoke confidently about their learning; many parents commented on how articulate the students were at such a young age.

Prior to students presenting their work, the Events Team opened the Exhibition by completing some formal speeches. A highlight of the evening was the Year 5 ensemble performance. As part of the Year 5 music program, all students were given the opportunity not only to learn how to play an instrument, but they received weekly small group lessons from the Music Department. Under the guidance of Mr. Andrew Dunlop and Mrs. Rebecca Bertoncello; students played some pieces that demonstrated how far this group has come as they’ve played together. Caysee and Ashlee, two Year 5 students, then sang an amazing duet.

On behalf of the Year 5 team, I would like to thank the many parents, grandparents and friends that attended the Action in Community event. We appreciate the support from the Music Department and other work colleagues at Middle School.

Mr. Nick Rice


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