Year 5 Christian Education - Community Awareness Task

During Christian Education this term, the Year 5 students have been working on raising awareness for an organisation of their choice that gives back to the community. Some examples of the organisations that the students have chosen to research and learn more about are GAWS, Take 3, Jirrahlinga, Trees for Life, Memory Walk and Jog and Bravehearts.

To raise awareness, students have created videos about these organisations for students in the school to view, they have spoken at assemblies, they have presented to classrooms and they have put informational posters around the Christian College campus. In addition, several students have used their personal time to raise money, run for a cause, donate items, give free informational classes and pick up rubbish to support their community task projects.

For their final project, students created either a PowerPoint movie or a Movie Maker of their entire task, showing how they brainstormed their idea, how they contacted people in the organisations, how they were able to raise awareness and they reflected on what they could have done different in the future.

Overall, the students did a phenomenal job raising awareness about organisations in their community. Students collected various donations such as board games, markers, blankets and over $700 for their organisations. It was a job well done and we are proud of their focus and effort.

Theresa Drewer and Matthew Burgess
Year 5 Teachers


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