We need to talk to young people about Gambling

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has launched an initiative called “Love the Game”.  It is aimed at raising awareness of the issue of gambling and youth. Their research shows that gambling is “more promoted and accessible than ever before”. Alarmingly, children in the 13-17-year old age bracket have more exposure to gambling advertising than adults. Children are being exposed to gambling through online games and apps, and the distorted view and normalising of gambling puts our youth at risk. Statistically, the foundation reports that eight in 10 teenagers have participated in some form of gambling, and on average one teen in every high school class has an issue with gambling.

The Foundation wants to empower and encourage parents to have conversations with their children about gambling, with a view to helping them understand the risks and the myths.  To this end, through this "Love the Game" initiative, they have expanded their website to include information and resources for schools and parents. The website can be viewed by going to: http://www.lovethegame.vic.gov.au/ 

The following link will take you directly to the parent resources page:


Over the next five weeks we will feature a relevant article from the Love the Game team to help you learn about and talk to your children about this important issue. 

Dianne Martin, Deputy Head of Senior School


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