Roxanne Van Beveren Water Polo achievements

Year 10 student Roxanne Van Beveren has recently been accepted into the Barwon Sports Academy, with an individual scholarship in water polo. She has played water polo for Essendon for two years, and has cliniched two individual awards - most valuable goal keepe, for both under-14 and 16, at the Geelong Junior Victorian National Water Polo Championships.

During the Geelong championships, her team (Essendon) finished second in the under-14s and third in the under-16s. Roxanne’s short career in water polo has offered plenty of opportunities, such as her entry into the Barwon Sports Academy, a scholarship sponsored by Deakin University, selection into the Victorian Women’s State team and the great privilege of being trained by ex-Water Polo Olympians.

Roxanne’s achievements include:

  • Essendon water polo club (2016-current) goal keeper for State league 1, State league 2, Youth Girl
  • Gold medal in the 2016 winter season competition, U16s Youth girl Essendon club.
  • Bronze medal at the 2016 Victorian Junior Championships, U16s
  • Most Valuable Goal Keeper for 2016 Victorian Junior Championships, U16s
  • Essendon water polo team representing Victoria in U16s National Championships in Hobart, September 2016
  • Richmond water polo club member (2015-2016), goal keeper, U14s
  • Silver medal at the 2015 Victorian Junior club Championships, U14s
  • Most Valuable Goal Keeper 2015 Victorian Junior club Championships, U14s
  • Silver Sub-Junior Competition 2015/16, U14 State games, Richmond club.


“My schedule consists of four visits a week to Melbourne's MSAC, from 7:30pm to 9pm, and getting home at 11:10pm each night," Roxanne said.

"I wake at 6am to catch a bus at 7:30am to school. During travel time, I complete some of my homework," she said.

"In training, I use weight belts and medicine balls (3kg weight belts and 2-3kg medicine balls). The techniques that I go through are 'egg beater' and jumps, as well as passing and blocking.”

Roxanne has shown great dedication to her sport, and Christian College are proud of her achievements.

Graeme Dent


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