Strong Outcomes for the Class of 2016

The dedication of our teachers and students to focus on consistent improvement has helped the graduating class of 2016 find acceptance into their preferred course of tertiary study.

Of the 141 Year 12 students who applied for universities, 96 have received their first preference - an outstanding result and a wonderful reward for their hard work and commitment.

It means more than two thirds of the 2016 graduating class can now shape the next part of their educational journey and follow their preferred pathway, bringing great joy and relief to their families.

A further 15 students have received their second preference as part of the landmark year for the College.

The results raise the bar on the strong outcomes of the 2015 class, where 85 students received their first preference.

The university preferences are a flow-on from the ATAR results for 2016 – which were also the best on record for the College.

Principal, Mr Glen McKeeman says "I am delighted to see the efforts and dedication shown by our students rewarded so positively. These results are a wonderful indication that the College's wide emphasis on teaching and learning to seek deeper understanding - together with a clear focus on the process of learning - is influencing improved outcomes for our students.These graduates are poised to pursue their life dreams and go into the world to make a positive difference."

Our class of 2016 had the highest percentage of students achieving ATAR scores above 80 and 90, as well 86.5% of students scoring above 50 – which is well above the national average of 50%.

The range of university courses selected by 2016 alumni was more diverse than last year, with degrees relating to Arts (14 offers), Exercise Science (10), Law (8), Engineering (8), Science (8), Music (8), Health (7), Education (6), Commerce (5) and Medicine (2) among the variety of different courses chosen.

Of the 141 students, 133 have received offers to study in Victoria, with Deakin University emerging as the most popular. A group of 65 College alumni have received offers from Deakin, up from 52 in 2015.

University of Melbourne (14 offers), RMIT University (14), Monash University (9), Federation University (8) and Swinburne University (7) were the other institutions favoured by the class of 2016. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!


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