Occupational Therapy at the Bellarine Campus

Christian College is happy to announce that 'Amazing Kids OT' is now offering Occupational Therapy sessions on campus for 2017.

Who is Amazing Kids OT and what do they offer?

Amazing Kids OT provides Paediatric Occupational Therapy sessions for students with a range of developmental, behavioural, sensory and learning difficulties. Areas addressed include: sensory processing, self-regulation/attention, organisational skills, fine and gross motor skills and self-care.

Amazing Kids OT also incorporates a Handwriting clinic – this provides individualised intervention strategies for all students (even if they do not have a diagnosis or are doing well academically) who have handwriting difficulties. Techniques used are based on the latest research in the field and can assist students to improve their handwriting in a short period of time (most leave the first session with noticeable improvements!).

Pencil grip, difficulty writing on the line, letter reversals, poor spacing, decreased speed and illegibility can all be worked on!

Amazing Kids OT is a registered Medicare provider and clients may be able to claim under the NDIS, FaHCSIA (HCWA) funding, Better Start Initiative, Enhanced Primary Care (EPC), Autism Initiative and private health insurance extras (depending on their diagnosis or medical referral).

Referrals can be made by parents, with or without a medical referral.

In addition a PALS (Playing And Learning to Socialise) Social Skills Program will be available. The program will run for 6 weeks and each session will last for 45-60 minutes. Please call for further details regarding the cost, dates and times of the sessions (contact details are listed below).

The PALS program is designed to help young children develop a range of social behaviours that will help them develop friendships and get along with others. Story telling, songs, games, role-play and activities are used to teach the children various skills.

If you are interested in having your child attend a session or would like to speak to the Occupational Therapist for more details, please contact Maddison Zeinstra on 0434991252 (BH) or maddison.zeinstra@gmail.com


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