PMP - Prep Perceptual Motor Progam

Our 'PMP' program at Prep is dependent upon the participation of 'Parent Helpers' each week.

We require Parent Helpers for each of our three Prep Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) classes this year, and would be very grateful for your assistance.

Parent Helpers will be allocated a physical activity or 'station' to assist and guide the children as they rotate through five stations each week.

Classes will be held on the following days:

PREP G                 MONDAYS Period 7 - 2:10pm (approx. 35 minutes)

PREP B                 MONDAYS Period 8 - 2:45pm (approx. 35 minutes)

PREP R                 MONDAYS Period 1 - 9:15am (approx. 35 minutes)

If you would like to be involved, please contact Mrs Joanne Richardson by email: so that a roster can be organised.

A ‘Working With Children’ card is a requirement for all volunteers. Please enquire at the office if you need further information about this.

It is hoped that we can commence our PMP sessions in Week 5 - Monday, February 27.


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