We love 'sticking' with our reading in Year 6!

Students in Year 6 are now regularly recording their thinking and discussing texts as they read. When students connect with the text, it helps deepen their understanding.

We write down our connections, questions, predictions and wonderings on sticky notes as part of this process. It is fun and engaging!


This is what Caysee Voss in 6R said about the process: "In class, we have been writing stories and editing them. We have also been reading our peers' work and giving feedback on sticky notes. Sticky notes are not just for editing, they are also good for reading. We write down our ideas and questions. This is very helpful for remembering the text and understanding what you are reading. I like this because it’s simple and easy. I love it, and I think my class mates do as well.’


Darcy Dyall in 6R also added that: "Sticky notes are a lot of fun! It helps us with our comprehension skills. We follow steps like looking at the title and picture first, then making notes about them."


Mrs Jaki Groves

Year 6R Homeroom teacher


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