Getting To Know You Excursion - Junior School

Our ‘Getting to Know You’ excursion was a wonderful time of fun in the sun, with staff and students sharing in a great time of community and togetherness.

It was a beautiful day, so the Junior School students, staff and Year 9 Prefects set off for a day at the beach together. 

Throughout the day, the Year 9 Prefects participated in a rock pool ramble and other beach activities involving the Junior School students, in an effort to share some special times and become more familiar with them. As the year progresses, the Prefects will work closely with the Junior School students in class, on activity days and also on excursions and Year Level camps.

The day was a wonderful success, with some very tired Junior School and Year 9 students returning to school at the end of the day having had a great time together.

Katie Oelke
Prep - Year 2 Coordinator


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