Senior School House Swimming Championships

On Tuesday, February 28 the Senior School House Swimming Championships will be held at Kardinia Aquatic Centre in South Geelong.

This is our first major House Carnival for the year and we encourage all students to attend and be involved on the day. It is an expectation of the College that students attend these House events.

The aim of the Championships is for everyone to ‘get wet’ at some stage during the day, earning points towards the House trophy. Families with students in Year 10 please note that the Senior Swimming Championships are a team based event - not ‘standards’, as is the case for the Year 9 Bellarine & Highton sports. 

Students will depart Senior School at 9am and return by 3.25pm. All students are encouraged to enter into the ‘spirit’ of this House Carnival by incorporating House coloured clothing with their correct House polo shirt and sports uniform.

Students are advised to bring sunscreen and wear a hat, which can either be their school hat or a hat that reflects their House colour. Rash vests are optional. Please ensure that all their gear is marked clearly with their name and House Group.

Further, it is a Kardinia Aquatic Centre rule that no streamers, balloons, face paint or zinc cream be brought or used.

Swimming does involve some risks of physical injury. While every effort will be made to minimise the risks in participating in the novelty, synchro and lap swimming events, parents need to be aware that injuries may occur to students.

In preparation for the Swimming Championships, students may practice for Synchro or stroke events at lunchtime or before and after school in the Senior or Middle School pools. Students are to follow normal College expectations regarding behaviour, as set out in the Student Organiser and 'Documents’ section of the Parent Portal - to minimise the risk of injury to themselves or others through inappropriate behaviour.

Students are advised to bring their books to school and be prepared to complete normal classes in case the carnival is cancelled due to inclement weather.

Students need to bring their own food and drinks. They will be allowed to use the Kiosk located at the Pool at the discretion of staff. 

We welcome parents, family and friends to attend and enjoy this major sporting carnival for our Senior School students. Please find the program for the day attached for your reference.

If there are any queries regarding this event, please contact Mr Andrew Richardson, Sport Coordinator at the Senior School Campus, by email or phone 5241 1577. Contact on the day can be made on 0407 851 909.

Click here for a full program of the days events.


Andrew Richardson, Sport Coordinator


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