Cross Age Collaboration to create Marble Drop

This week the Year 1 and 2 students travelled to the Year 5 and 6 class rooms to work together with their older buddies and create a 'marble drop'.

The students worked collaboratively to create a marble track that had a minimum of four bends and took the longest amount of time to roll down the track. While the task was fun and engaging, there were some much larger intentions in this activity.

The Marble Drop task allowed many students to reconnect with their buddies from the Prep and Year 4 'Buddy' program. Leadership, empathy, and a greater understanding of one another was developed throughout the lessons.

Alongside the rich learning that takes place, cross-age collaboration also leads to a greater sense of connectedness and community throughout our campus.

The students were challenged to stretch their 'Building Learning Power Muscles' as they persevered, made links, noticed, collaborated, reasoned and revised. Both age groups came back with worthwhile reflections regarding the learning that took place during this session.

We are looking forward to more buddy activities throughout the year. 

Katie Oelke
Prep - Year 2 Coordinator


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