Message from the Chaplain

Hi Parents,

I’ve been thinking lately about kids and the time they spend on devices at home. Personally, I think my children spend too much time on their phones, computers and all the added extras. So I looked at this issue a little and came up with the following (I hope this helps us all a little):

Balancing time online
We know that kids spend a lot of time online and often on multiple devices. From homework and listening to music, to instant messaging friends and checking out the latest on social media, the reality is many kids are using a screen every day. Screen time can also be an easy option to keep younger kids occupied in our busy lives. So how much screen time is too much for your child?

How much is too much time online?
There is no magic guideline for the ‘right’ amount of time for children to spend online. This is a matter for you to decide—but there are guidelines that can help you in addition to factoring in the age of your kids, their maturity level and your family dynamics.

Australia’s National Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines 
Your child’s age Recommended screen time
Two years to zero: Babies and toddlers should not watch any television or other electronic media (DVDs, computers and electronic games).
Two to five years: Less than one hour per day. 
5 to 17 years: Less than two hours per day.
*These guidelines refer to 'entertainment' only, and do not include the screen time students would use for educational purposes.

Please stay tuned for next week’s article, as the information may help us even more.

Happy parenting

Gary Crole
Chaplain, Bellarine campus.


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