Special Dietary Requirements - Students

If your child has specific dietary requirements or serious allergies, it is important for the College to be made aware of this, in writing, if you have not already done so.

The most common source of food allergies in students is recognised as peanuts, which can be found in a wide range of foods - either directly as an identified ingredient, or indirectly during the manufacturing process through mixing with other products that may contain peanuts.

It is recognised that, in severe cases, skin contact with a very small amount of a peanut-based product may be sufficient to cause a severe reaction. In other cases, digestion of a product that has been in contact with peanut-based material has been known to cause a life-threatening reaction.

As we have students in our College at risk of such reactions, we ask parents to refrain from providing peanut-based foods (eg. Peanut Butter) in student snacks and lunches. This exclusion of peanut-based foods does NOT extend to products such as packeted biscuits, as many of these contain ‘traces of nuts’ labels but they are still permitted.

Nicholas Watson
Head of Campus




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