Ways to build your child's self esteem

The state of one’s self-esteem varies from day to day, or even hour to hour.

Young people are on a roller coaster of emotions and they have pressures from outside as well as within. The biggest condition that gets presented to us at school is anxiety. It may be anxiety related to their school work or social pressure.

While there are many, many forms or reasons for anxiety, there are also many possible solutions.

One method, that is research based, is to make time for your child. Being able to sit with them and to hear their story is something that is very important for them. While many children enter the family home with a “grunt” and head for the fridge, there are occasions when time spent with them will reap rich returns.

The sense of belonging is important for us all. We wear our footy scarf on the way to the game to feel connected with that team. We are dismayed if we are not invited to a particular party and feel left out. Disappointment is going to happen and we all feel it. What is within our control is how we deal with that disappointment.

Do we see it as a means of learning more about ourselves?

Do we share our feelings with our parents or children?

Do we spend that special time with our children in which the bonds are strengthened?

Simple examples are eating together as a family and talking, watching a special television show together, walking the dog and talking. The more dialogue the better, and the better the relationship will become.

More information may be found at www.understandingteenagers.com.au

I wish you well, and please contact the school if ever we may be able to assist.


Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School


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