Investing in our Student Leaders - 'GRIP Leadership Conference'

Our Middle School Highton Prefect group and the Senior School Captains ventured to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on Thursday to be involved in the ‘GRIP Leadership Conference’, along with over 1000 other student leaders from across the state.

Our students were able to network, glean ideas from others and be prepared in practical ways for their leadership roles within the College. Topics presented in the main forum and in break-out elective sessions included how to generate ideas ‘outside of the box’, how to put these ideas into action, looking at ways to overcome leadership challenges and how to seek support from their peers.

There was a real buzz among the students following the conference, with many exciting ideas and a real anticipation for the year ahead developing as they serve and lead their peers. We see this conference as one way in which to invest into our young student leaders, and we look forward to mentoring and meeting regularly with this group throughout the year.


Mr Adam Kennedy

Year 9 Co-ordinator

Miss Kerrie Reid

Deputy Head of Campus


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