Science in the Middle School

Welcome Back to the Lab!

The past few weeks have seen the Middle School students return to the Science lab with enthusiasm. We are encouraging all students to be independent learners and keep their eyes open to notice changes during their investigations and experiments. Students who ask questions are well on their way to thinking scientifically and show that they are engaging with their learning.

Some recent highlights have been the Year 8 students proudly learning the top 10 elements on the Periodic Table, even though the song can be annoyingly addictive. Year 7 students are all qualified with their Bunsen Burner Licence, putting it into practice this week as they heated water, also exercising observing, timing and measuring skills. Year 5 students have been exploring the properties of light, carefully using the special light boxes to shine light through different materials. They all know the difference between translucent, transparent and opaque – ask them! Year 6 students have been amazingly cooperative and self motivated, remembering to water their group plant experiments on a daily basis. Each group planned different variables to test. And finally the Year 9 students have accomplished two dissections: the brain and the eye. Impressively, they independently learnt how the different parts of the eye contribute to “how we see” from a nerve pathway perspective. There could be some surgeons in the making, as they handled the scalpels and other dissecting equipment with care and skill. It is fantastic to work with these young scientists in such a positive trusting way. 

Deb Singleton, Jorge Viegas and Michael Lewis
Middle School Science teachers


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