Visiting Graphic Designer - Year 5 Incursion

The Year 5 students are embarking on the exciting journey of creating their own atlases.

This is a multidisciplinary, collaborative unit that draws on Geography, Maths, English, Science, Digital Design and Christian Education. Their comprehensive projects will culminate in an Expo at the end of Term 2. 

Last week students had the pleasure of attending a presentation by a professional Graphic Designer named Kevin McNulty.  He stimulated the students’ thinking by sharing some of his own work. The purpose of Kevin’s visit was to give the students some ideas to inspire them to complete elements of their atlases to a high-quality standard.

He covered topics such as conveying through drawings and images, the importance of versatility and knowing your audience. This session gave the students a chance to think about a range of learning dispositions including planning, imagining, persevering, noticing, questioning and craftsmanship.

In Kevin’s images and through his riveting presentation, he captured the students’ imaginations, and we look forward to seeing what they produce as a result of this quality workshop. We thank Kevin for coming to visit us in the exciting Year 5 area!

To watch an interesting video on the theme of craftsmanship, please watch The Story of Austin’s Butterfly here.

We use this video and its message to help students in develop a growth mindset in many skill sets, including writing, scientific illustrations, artistic projects and a wide range of tasks where craftsmanship may benefit their individual or group journeys to completion.


Mr David Kehler

Building Learning Power Coordinator

Year 5 Classroom Teacher


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