Encouraging Boys to be Respectful and Caring

As we know, the parenting landscape is constantly shifting, always bringing new challenges for parents.

Not only are children and young people constantly growing and developing, but social trends evolve and change at such rapid rates, that it is hard to keep up. It is also hard to differentiate between the significant and the frivolous, when it comes to trends and how to manage this along our parenting journey.

The five points Dr Justin Coulson discusses in Encouraging Boys to be Respectful and Caring are of benefit to us as educators in our approach to 'WARRM' conversations - as part of our Restorative Practice. Points such as “who has been affected?”, “reflection” on the behaviour and “moving on” (more respectful and caring behaviour) are particularly valuable. However the discussion also provides wonderful encouragement for all of us as parents to help frame our conversations with our young people.

While the clip targets the development of gentle, caring and respectful boys, the approach is equally valuable for our girls.


Mr Tony Costa

Head of Campus


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