Maths in (Slow-Mo) Action

In Year 11 Maths Methods Unit 1, the first assessment task for the year involved a practical activity with bottles, jars or vases of irregular shape.

In groups, students filled their vessel at a steady rate with coloured water and recorded their efforts in slow-mo video. It took a few practices to get the water flowing smoothly, and a lot of teamwork to coordinate the filling, measuring, timing and recording, with special emphasis on stopping the water before it overflowed!

On returning to the classroom, students analysed their videos to make a table of results comparing height to time, constructed graphs and 2D models, and calculated the average rates of change using the formula for gradient of a line segment.

This was a fun, visual and active way for students to demonstrate their understanding of ‘rates of change’, as well as their mastery of technology and its applications.


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