Year 3 & Year 4 Visual Art Program

This year we are trialing something a little different in the Year 3 and Year 4 Visual Art program.

Each student will get a 'Visual Diary', which will be used during Visual Art as a way of:

- Brainstorming and developing ideas and themes.

- Annotating and reflecting on artists and their work

- Annotating and reflecting on personal artwork.

- Documenting personal development and improvement- Articulate and shape a personal style of art, style is a process of evolution.

- Experimenting and exploring techniques.

- Holding place for ideas.

- Storage of relevant information about artists, techniques and mediums.

These journals will be used for two years to allow students to reflect on their works and see improvement. The students are asked to decorate the plastic front cover in the theme of ‘TROPICAL’. They may choose to do this by way of collage, the use of fabrics, mixed media, or a range of images that relate to this topic. It is up to individual students to decide. It would be fantastic to see some of their own artwork included on the cover, rather than from the internet or magazines.

These journals will be sent home for a few weeks, requesting that journals be returned by Friday, March 17. Students can, however, continue to bring drawings/images in to work on their journal in class if required.

Have fun.

Mrs. Cooper


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