Year 3 Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion

As a part of our Integrated Studies unit ‘It’s Alive’, the students in Year 3 will be attending an incursion with the Responsible Pet Ownership organisation.

This incursion will take place on March 22, and will be held in the Junior School Chapel at various times during the day. We understand that there may be some children who are either allergic or afraid of dogs.

If this is the case for your child, we ask that you speak with your child’s classroom Teacher and advise them of any issues your child may have with attending the session. Please find below an outline of the program your child will be attending:

The Responsible Pet Ownership Primary School Program is aimed at 5 to 12 year olds and has been delivered to over 1 million Victorian primary school children. It visits over 800 primary schools each year across the state.

The program includes a dog visit, multimedia tools, role play, song and story time.

The Program focuses on teaching students about dog safety:
• When dogs should be left alone.
• Things we should not do to dogs.
• How can you tell if a dog is happy, frightened or angry.
• A safe way to approach and greet a dog.
• What to do if approached by an unknown or aggressive dog.

The Program also introduces and develops the following concepts:
• Choosing an appropriate pet, general welfare and husbandry.
• The importance of identification and registration.
• Confinement and housing, exercise and training.


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