Parking around Junior School

We have recently had complaints from residents and Junior School parents regarding the pick up and drop off of children at Junior School. It would seem obvious, but illegal parking poses a very real and very serious risk to the safety of our young students. 

If you are parking in areas of the big car park in front of Williams House where there are no designated car park spaces or in the 'No standing' spaces, you are putting our children at risk.

If you are parking unsafely in Dumfries Court at the back of the school, you are putting our children at risk.

Please note the following legal requirements when parking:

Keep your car's left wheels close to the kerb

Don't park across a lane or private driveway (you can stop here for up to two minutes if you're dropping off or picking up passengers and don't leave your car)

You must park at least 10 metres before or after an intersection

I have contacted Council and asked for assistance from their officers to help us ensure that all visitors to our campus are parking safely and within the laws.

We thank you for your attention to this very important matter as we endeavour to protect the safety of our students.





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