A Great Start for Year 10

Our Year 10s have had a very positive start to their educational journey here at Senior School and, as coordinators, we have been very proud of the mature approach our students have taken in terms of dealing with significant change and the resulting emotions - both positive and negative.

The feedback from our Year 10 teachers is one of an incredibly positive nature. Our students are committed, engaged and have quickly settled in to life at Senior School, taking the change in their stride and dealing with the additional workload in an organised and efficient manner. That is not to say the first few weeks have been without challenges, but those challenges have been met with some very positive and resilient students, and we have been impressed with the smooth transition. It feels like they have been here for a great deal longer than five short weeks, which can only be viewed as a good thing.


We are also seeing some wonderful things happen in our Year 10 classrooms. Last week Miss Pryke’s Year 10 Maths class started running their very own coffee shop – Ground Zero. As a customer, I can already see that this venture is set to be a roaring success. Not only did the coffee taste amazing, but it was delivered to me by James and Luke in the classroom.

In Foundation Mathematics, there is a strong emphasis on the use of mathematics in practical contexts encountered in everyday life in the community, at work and in study. In this area of study, students cover estimation, the use and application of different forms of numbers and calculations, and the representation of patterns and generalisations in number - including formulas and other algebraic expressions in everyday contexts.

In this instance, the coffee shop allows students to make estimations of the costs of running the business through budgeting, calculate actual costs and analyse differences between the actual cash inflows/outflows and the budgeted cash inflows/outflows. They then use Excel to represent the mathematical information. I interviewed Luke about the business and these were his comments about his exciting new mathematical venture:

“I enjoyed performing the role of a delivery man for the coffee business for Maths. It was fun the first week, and we hope it will continue being fun. Because I do this for Maths, it is starting to give me an idea of what I want to do when I leave school. In our classes we have been learning about giving change so we know what amount of change to give the customers.”


Mrs Martin’s Christianity in the Arts class are exploring how Christians have used artistic mediums to connect with, or express, their spirituality. And as a class, they have been taking this example and developing their own individual expressions of faith or values.

Jesus in the Modern World students have been looking into the issues associated with people within our society who do not get given the same level of attention as others. Mrs Smith’s class have been visiting the McKellar Centre in North Geelong, and spending time with the wonderful residents there. They have also had some students help out with the 'Christchurch Meals Program', which serves around 100 people each night for dinner on Monday and Wednesday evenings.


Our Year 10 Psychology students have been busily studying a range of introductory topics with a focus on ethics and research methods. They have explored some famous unethical experiments including the Stanford prison experiment, Asch’s conformity experiment and Jane Elliot’s Brown eyes/ Blue eyes experiment. They are now investigating the human brain which has been widely recognized as the most complex physical object in the known universe.


Outdoor Education students have been developing an understanding of the unique characteristics of our local marine ecosystems and how humans use and relate to them. Students also focus on developing an appreciation of natural beauty, by learning about many of the endemic flora, fauna and varied geological characteristics that offer so much wonder and curiosity. This is all being achieved through snorkeling at various coastal environments followed by classroom reflection on their experiences and an analysis of issues that are related to these areas.

This is just a small insight into the wonderful achievements of our Year 10 students thus far. Next week Mr Antony Benson, the Director of Art, Technology and Design, will provide an article focusing on the wonderful work our Year 10 students are completing at the Villa Paloma.

Our Year 10’s should be commended on their seamless transition to Senior School and the willingness of our students to embrace new opportunities and change with healthy and optimistic resilience. I look forward to keeping our Christian College community informed of the wonderful achievements of our Year 10’s.

God bless.

Kim Doherty and Paul Breguet

Year 10 Coordinators



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