Education Perfect for Language Learning

Education Perfect for Language Learning

Education Perfect, formerly called Language Perfect, is an online-based learning tool. All students from Year 5 to Year 8, and the Year 9 Language students, use it to learn Indonesian or Japanese in class as well as at home for home learning.

Education Perfect helps students learn prescribed vocabulary lists aurally and visually. Being in quiz form, it makes vocabulary learning fun and students can enjoy its positive competitiveness. We use Education Perfect in various ways in order to enhance students’ language learning;

• Primarily as a homework resource:
The teachers set a list of target vocabulary as home learning tasks for students, and then monitor their progress.

• Extension work/catch-up:
New students, or students who missed lessons, can work on the vocabulary in their own time. The students who have completed existing work can challenge themselves with advanced vocabulary.

• In-class/school/world-wide competitions:
Competitions are great ways to raise motivation, enthusiasm and profile for languages. Students are provided opportunities to compete against each other in class or against language learners from other countries!

• End of class fun:
The students who have finished the class work can play on Education Perfect.

Students are provided their usernames and passwords for Education Perfect. They can log in:

If they have difficulty in logging in the site, please contact their language teachers.

Bishi Leathem (Indonesian teacher)
Adam Reidy (Japanese teacher)
Yukiko Valent (Japanese teachers)


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