Twelfth Night

Year 12 Literature students were happily able to combine work with pleasure when they spent a gloriously balmy March Friday evening in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne reveling in the Australian Shakespeare Company’s zany production of 'Twelfth Night'.

Created Jesters for the night; picnicking while watching this gender bending comedy of errors under the stars; it would have been easy for students to forget that a SAC comparing the performance with the original text was the true agenda. Music, clowning, buffoonery, food and romance helped the students find the fun in a 400-year-old play commenting on how lovers deceive themselves and others.

It seemed that regardless of class distinctions, all can behave in a topsy turvy manner. Despite a sleepy midnight return to Geelong, the theatre lovers agreed that they had been swayed by the magic of the bard. Hopefully students will think twice before they take on the persona of a drunken Sir Toby Belch or a gullible Sir Anthony Ague cheek and never ever persecute a sanctimonious puritanical Malvolio - no matter how tempting such a notion might be. 

Julie Gainey

VCE Literature Teacher


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